aris' thoughts
2001-10-08 19:32:28 (UTC)


i broke down and wrote to Ma'am finally and to my surprise
She responded. Her letter was both painful and comforting
to read but it brought to me a better understanding of my
relationship with Her. see, i met Her over a year ago and
we quickly became best friends, sisters for she was slave
then. we shared in all our joys and sorrows, we even served
the same Dom together as sisters. She won my heart and my
love for Her grew. i already respected her in the highest
but i knew long before now that She was in the wrong place,
She was not slave but She was Domme. so after our release
from the Dom we shared , we seperated went our own ways but
always were very very close as close as we could be. sure
we both served other Doms seperately but i could not find
my place i was restless and deep down i guess i was keeping
my great gift of submission for Her. well one day She woke
up to Her true calling and W/we were together at last. i
never dreamed it would be so hard looking at Her as Domme.
but i know now after making a terrible mistake that she
before all else is Domme first. i could not understand Her
telling me i disrespected Her by writing many letters of my
anger and selfishness that day for i at the time was
writing to my friend not my Dominant. a mistake i will
never forget and a lesson i learned the extreme hard way
for it cost me the person who is dearest and most important
to me.... i lost my Mistress