2000-11-10 03:55:28 (UTC)

Diary, Ummm...yeah, so this is..

Ummm...yeah, so this is my first entry in here, and some people
think that my life is crazy, and they love to here all about my
stories, so I thought that everyone who cared online would also like
to here about my stories.
Well, to start off I am a sophmore at Jonathan Law High in
Milford, CT. I am single, a party animal, bi-curious, and did I
mention a sexy bitch? I think I may have left that part out. Oh
well. I have 2 bros and 1 sis, a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a whole
buncha fish, and I am soon to have a horse.
I feel bad. My parents think that I am just their perfect little
angel, and whoa are they wrong! But I know this is the question on
everyone's mind..."Am I still a virgin?" Why yes, the little slut
that I am managed to savor her virginity for another year or so. I
plan on being a 19 yr. old virgin, just like that girl, elsha, on
boston real world, or something. Yeah well, I know that's not going
to happen any time soon......hehehe....we'll see.
When I write I tend to write a lot....In little thoughts, that
prolly won't make sense to a lot of you out there, but hopefully some
of you are on the same page as me.
My life online.....well lets just say I don't have a life online
really. I have an advice column. ([email protected]) I give very
good advice, but for some reason my own advice is never the right
advice for myself.
I'm thinking that writing 20 pages for my first entry will scare
some people away, so I'm going to have to get back to ya'll when I
get another chance. I would say, "hey talk to yah tomorrow" but I
know tomorrow I'm gonna be too busy....C'mon! It IS Friday and all.