Wandering Thoughts
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2001-10-08 19:30:48 (UTC)

October 8th, 2001

"Even if they invented it, how could they drive it. You
know how women drivers are."

MOOD: Anxious
MUSIC: The Offspring - The End of the Line

Ok well, I feel asleep so late tonight. I had the best
time talking to Briny online. I just kept thinking of all
these random little things that I didn't know about him. I
just want to know everything. I want to be able to go on
one of those cheesy dating game shows and be able to know
him 100%. I slept in until about 12:30. It was nice to
not have class. I went to the dining room and grabbed
lunch, wasn't what I was hoping for, but the food was ok i
guess. After lunch Rachel and I walked to Allston to go to
this kewl little gift shop. I was hoping to find Briny
something neat. I want to do something special for him
when I come home. I am so lost on ideas. I want something
cute, but I don't know if I want to get him a present or
just surprise him with something nice. I guess I have a
few days to think about it. I have a couple of things in
mind. I'm really nervous about this plane ride especially
with everything that is going on. I just keep trying not
to think about it, but I have to start packing soon and
then it all comes rushing back. I have some xanax and I
will pop a few of those before it's time to take off. The
walk home from Allston gave me too much time to think. I
have a ton of homework that I haven't even begun to look
at. I am dreading it. Oh well, I will procrastinate a
little longer. I am gonna go take a little nap, eat
dinner, then look at what I have to do. I'm so paranoid
that I don't even want to take out my note books and see
what I have waiting for me. Oh well, soon I will be back
at OCC and living with my lover and I won't have to worry
about any of this shenanigans. Nighty all!