Giving in
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2001-10-08 19:13:05 (UTC)

monday the eight of october

greetings all,
i last wrote last wednesday and not a whole hell of a
lot happened, i worked thursday, and the weekend was a mild
one as far as my weekends go. on fri, i went out to dinner
with devon and her folks. we went to outback and it was
good eatin. then devon and i went and say don't say word.
its the movie with michal douglas about the girl who has a
number stuck in her head that some people want. it was no
too bad, i would reccomend seeing it once. we came home
and watched some television for a while then i went to
bed. i woke up the next day and went to staples all day
then came home. when devon got home, we went to her friend
pams house the met up with more people and went to an
haunted hayride. it wasn't scary in the least but it was
entertaining. we were in a cage like trailer and we were
pulled by a tractor for 45 minutes or so. along the trail,
there were the workers dressed as zombies and whathaveyou.
they would come out of nowhere or from some scene they had
set up and climb on the cage reach in and even climb over
and into the cage and scare aome of the people there.
after that, there were bonfires which we sat around for a
while then we went home. on sunday again i worked at
staples all day then i went and hung out with johnny and
danny. we went to the movies and saw rat race. that movie
was hilarious. i thought it might be dumb, but it was
worth watching. aftet that is was only like nine thirty or
so. we decided we didnae want to call it a night and went
to see if borders was open. unfortunately, it was not, so
we thought of going to a diner for a little. then on a
whim we went to see what was playing at another theatre
that was very close to borders. we decided to see
zoolander. now i thought this movie was going to be the
worst ever. but it was great, it was really funny, i
recommend seeing that movie once, too. now i am at work,
at acts, and have been here all day. they are training me
at the help desk, shich is cool. i think they might be
wanting to hold on to me for a while. that is about it. i
have scouts tonight and am not working all week at staples.