Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-10-08 19:10:17 (UTC)

Now Im in Trouble

I know Im in trouble now.My sisters dear sweet children are
comeing over so I can babysit them for free.I was like "OK
Barb,I'll watch them...That's alright.I know you'd pay me
if you could...I will.Bye."
I feel like Aunt Grinch.The first thing I had to do to
prepare for their arrival is hide the Super Big sized bag of
Doritos and put the smaller bag in the cabinet for them.Then
I had to put the TP up high so they wont clog up the
toilet.I hope they dont fall trieing to reach it on their
own.Im getting ready to lock all the bedrooms.Expecially
mine so my neice wont dirty it up and test my makeup on
herself.She didnt learn from the last alergic reaction to
When they get here the TV will be at volume 35 rather than
the regular 19 it stays at here.Scooby Doo will be blairing
for hours as they yell over it and climb over things so I'll
have to punnish them.They like 'Bakeing' by stirring
everything from bits of paper with Koolaid to crushed
granola bars.One day I swear Im going to make them eat what
their 'Bakeing' after its all added together if they ever
make something that wont make them ill.
I asked for it by telling my sister I would babysit.For
free?Im deffinently a lovefull helping little sister.I could
use expirence to handle my own kid all day.Those two are so
bad behaved when maw-maw and mommy leave their sight though.
If mine is half as bad all day long I'll pass out.I can
handle a bad attitude for a few hours before a nap but I
dont know about all day.
~Kids are here.Bye!