Squeeb's world
2001-10-08 18:57:01 (UTC)


Ok, almost a month later but they finally showed N'SYNC on
the Ananda Lewis show today. It was sooooo cute. Worth the
wait I guess. So they were on there and so were their
mothers and Joey's father. And oh man it made me smile. I
love those guys so much. JC looked gorgeous as usual. And
then there's this fan who swears she's their #1 fan and she
showed her shrine to N'SYNC. Honey, it's nothing compared to
mine! And JC's your favourite? Well stand in line chicky cuz
he's about 8 years older than you and all mine. (= And they
performed "Pop" and "Gone". I'm all like "oooohhh!!"
Oh, as for miss evil subletter, she never showed up the
other day. However when I returned from being home this
weekend, the money for the phone bill had been dropped off.
She better soon come get her junk off my balcony though
because I'm sick of tripping over it.
K, my ears keep popping because of my throat which is
weird. Freaky thing though. You know I have this super huge
phobia of doctors because basically I think all of them are
incompetent and got their degrees from bubble gum machines?
Well, when I had to go to the hospital the other day the
doctor that checked me was the one that almost sent me home
with "mono" when I had a ruptured appendix. I am like "mom,
you so don't expect me to get checked out by that idiot
again do you? He could have killed me last time if it wasn't
for another doctor" But he seems to have known what he was
doing this time. That's good.
Oh, more on the S front. Mom ran into his Aunt and
cousin the other day in town and they so want to see me. I
haven't visited them in such a long time because of their
multiple cats. Thank you but I don't have a death wish. And
Jack wants to see me too and I have wanted to go visit him
for so long so the next time I go home I'm supposed to call
them and we're all going to Tim Hortons or something so I
can see them. I can't wait.
Ok, this is bugging me. I respect American patriotism, I
do. I just don't necessarily support CANADIANS being
patriotic to the States. Like they did a music video of
Celine Dion singing "God Bless America" Hel-lo! She is NOT
American. I do believe I have said this before. And now, the
other night at the Toronto-Montreal game, they said "Please
stand and join us in the singing of our national anthem."
and they start singing "The Star-Spangled Banner". Last time
I checked, our national anthem was "Oh Canada" Granted they
sang that afterwards but normally if it is two Canadian
teams playing, that's the only one they play. I doubt very
much that if 2 American teams were playing they played "Oh
Canada". Correct me if I'm wrong but I doubt it very much.

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