2001-10-08 18:17:59 (UTC)

For the Record

We had a blast on the drive home last night. Shoe was
driving, I was Navigator (and Radio DJ) and Brett was
the useless one in the back seat. He was snoring too.
Occasionally he wake up and yell "YEAH!!" like the lead
singer of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes does at the
end of every song. It was funny. So I put on my Me First
CD, and we started yelling "YEAH!!" at the top of our
lungs after every song. Suddenly, we're all yelling
"YEAH!!" and shoe goes, "YUP!!" I diddn't stop laughing
for a long time, especially when Brett yelled, "YES!!" and
then "CORRECT!!" and then Shoe yelled, "I AGREE!!"
and then I yelled "OKAY!!" and we all laughed until we
couldn't breathe and then we giggled and then it faded
out until the end of the next song when we could start
yelling again. I put on Guns 'n Roses and Welcome to
the Jungle came on and we screamed along to that as
loud as we possibly could, not that we could even hear
ourselves because the volume was up so high.
I went into Alyssa's dorm room yesterday before we
left, and Casey was in there, standing right behind the
door, giggling to himself with his big glasses and that
dumb red scarf he was wearing all day. I asked him
what he was doing. He closed the door and told me to
watch everyone through the peep hole. I put my eye to
the peephole and saw a perfect view of the suite, where
everyone was standing around and sitting on the
couches and doing basically nothing. "It's really weird to
watch what's going on, and then you giggle and you
think about how you're all alone in this room watching
them through the peephole and giggling and they can
all hear you." He started laughing and I continued to
watch. After awhile, I really couldn't help giggling. I can't
explain why. We were both standing there giggling and
fighting to see through the peephole when suddenly
Alyssa was looming there on the other side of the door.
It was locked, but we wouldn't let her in. Casey said,
"Don't tell her. She wouldn't appreciate this." I told her
anyway, and she told us we were stupid. So we trashed
her room and threw Shoe's smelly sleeping bag on her.
He was wearing socks with coffee mug designs on
them and we told him it was his feet that smelled, so
he took his socks off and said, "No, my feet smell like
coffee." He got drunk and sat all alone on Alyssa's bed
and was quiet for a long time, suddenly he sighed
really loudly and said, "Why am I so stinky?" We
laughed for a while. The truth was that he doesn't really
smell, only when he sleeping. Otherwise he smells
really good. But since he slept in Alyssa's bed, the
whole bed smelled bad. Alyssa and Jen couldn't wait
until we left. Jen is her fat roommate who's also a real
bitch and was hitting on Brett all weekend. He kept
crawling into Alyssa's room where I was sleeping on
the floor, Shoe was in Alyssa's bed and Alyssa and Ron
ald were in Jen's bed. He would crawl in and say,
"Help...she's trying to cuddle with me!!" I lifted up my
blanket and moved over to give him some pillow. He
would lie there and talk and slur his words because he
finished off a bottle of Blackhaus and an eighteen pack
of N.S.Budweisers with the letters "NSB" on them in
black permenent markers so no one else could steal
them. We learned our lesson when everyone drank our
beer the night before. We'd gone to Ronald's room
earlier, but someone called the cops because there
were close to 20 people in his suite and we were being
rowdy. So we all ran out of the room and ended up on
the wall outside a few buildings over. Shoe called me a
slut, and when I tried to attack him Brett had to
physically hold me back. A short scuffle ensued, ending
when Brett put me in a choke hold and said, "You need
to calm yourself down. Let's go for a walk." He dragged
me to my feet and we went for a walk. By the time we
got back I'd calmed down a little bit. But then Shoe,
drunk and stupid as he was, came over and said, "We
need to have a moment. Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
call you a slut."
I told him I didn't want to have a moment with him
and that I was mad at him. He threw one big arm over
my shoulder and wouldn't let me pull away. It was all a
big game to him and eventually I couldn't help laughing
either. So finally he agreed to let my punch him in the
face. It was his idea, so I kept saying, "You're sure? You
want me to punch you in the face?" He insisted, so I
did. He spit blood for a few minutes and then said,
"That was good. I'm proud of you."
We're sick people. We get our thrills out of beating
each other.