Event Horizon
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2001-10-08 17:56:49 (UTC)

Speak XXVI

The building was straight. Tall with lights moving on the
inside. The inside was silver white. In the center was a
stage. Gleeming cement under low ceilings. Tile. Black.

A speaker. A passionate one. Line hadn't heard the speak
in a long time.

"Go." said the green one.

Smiled said the black one.

Line was in the middle. So familiar. Fear of not being
agraid. The first time.

She had fought. hard goddamnit. This is not pleasure Line
said to herself and the cold sweat trickled down her nose.
It has fallen and she wasn't going to scrape it up and glue
it all losse like back together again. She had decided and
it was calling the cying cry. It wasn't to be answered.

And then it was like a drowning person pulling on the edge
of the boat Spilling the inside. Grabbing. Taking her
down down to die with it. Take her with it. With it.
Down Down Down.

The speaker finished. Saw her and motioned her forward.
They all turned and looked. The small one in black jeans
and torn tight sweater. Coming up to the stage and wiping
long bangs out of her eyes. Reaching in her pocket,
producing the stained rough paper all smudged in ink, lead,
and dust.

She looked down at it. Recorded. Reiterated thought.
once it's thought, it is stale unusable inedible. She
crumpled it up and threw it aside. She looked up and saw
the ventalation and said

"A worm of
Cubed tarnished light
Ribbed with green shadows
Stained by raining air
Is bolted
In a steel mouth
By returning
To encircle
By way of transparent metal
An angle
Sharpened straight by beauty
A claw
Thin in fragile strengt
Tears through paper organs
That carry on
The infinity of breathing
Through a cracked crevice.

A pause. They were waiting. She looked into the man's

"The man is held up
By paperclips
And string.
His eyes sinking
Far below his chin
His hard pear hands
His shirt of leaves
A wheelchair to walk in
And steps to sleep on
His ice inking presence
Arms in the air
And broken."

Finish. Silence. The previous speaker taking her hand and leading
her down the hall.

"Welcome back," he said and opened the door at the end to the
right. The insense hit her, and she fainted.

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