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2001-10-08 17:42:12 (UTC)

i think now my vibrators name is TOMASSO

i wanted to write about my weekend but for some reason i
dont feel like it so i will write about my new imaginary
lover, Tomasso. I have decided to delete all fantacies
from my mind for a number of reasons. outdated, people i no
longer care to fantasize about, boring, things of that
nature. but a girl needs masterbatory material and
something all consuming and sexual to think about when she
doesnt want to think about other things. Enter Tomasso.
now, he works in two phases, as a italian lover, who at
first just wants to finger me, see me writhing underneath
his hands. Tomasso looks nothing like an Italian of course,
he is a standard Sara man- tall blond big and stong and in phase one he speaks no english except for a few
key words like "slut" "whore" he then works up to eating
me out, he is like a god at both activites, and eventually
gets me so worked up that i concede to toss the virginity
out the window and wildly fuck him. in more worked up
versions, he brings in some male italian friends who gang
bang me and such. and some girls sometimes, who sit on my
face while i am stimulated but not to completion.
sometimes tomasso turns into an
american boy who i immediately click with just before i
leave, and lives in new jersey or something and we
are "friends" for approximately three weeks but clearly
dont have eyes for anyone else and one night we are in his
bed crashing after a night of drinking and we almost kiss
but i dont want it to go down like that, i tell him i dont
want to kiss him because i am drunk, hide underneath his
shirt, and sleep on his big strong chest. in the morning,
we wake up around the same time, he asks if i am still
drunk i laugh say no and he kisses me.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and we live happily ever
so yeah. perhaps tomorrow i will write about my weekend of
immersion into the old country.
a domani