Event Horizon
2001-10-08 16:57:26 (UTC)

Speak XXV

She wasn't thinking about direction. The shapshifters on
the sidewalks. The night drabbed people. Fading makeup.

And Line sitting on a corner. The man in front of her--

Inner Dialogue:
"God damn crutches
they all fucking hate me
those stupid kids
why the fuck do they look at me
why am I..."
The man dies.

The man keeps on walking, eyeing her suspiciously. The UFO

Technology sways
At alien afterthoughts
Vains below
Pulse blue
Through pink.1, 2, 3
Trumpets in the sky
98, 99, 1000000
People die
Arrows skip over them
And beauty smiles paranoia

Her body was all curled up over itself while she sat there
on the corner. A fogged crystal ball wrapped in night.
The glass shards of windows. Square and levatating, the
building transparent in the sky.

A weary business man, owner of her corner, told her to go
home. She knew she could have argued with Julie's father
and won. But it was because of him that Line had learned
brotherly love. Damn, she was alternating between a
present tense and a reflective. The present should never
be retrospective.

She left, and got on the subway. She rode. The world
streaked paint falling waterfalls off the canvis. All the
dimensions of the world crammed together into a 1
dimensional line. General relativity kissing her skin into

Everything jerked back to a domed world. Spheres and
curves. Unelegant monstrosities of lines. Beautiful. The
people switched places the outside on the inside on the
outside. Symmetry rotating.

3 young girls. Slinky jeans and slinky shirts. Slinky
arms and eyes. Blue, Black, and Green. Hair in pixies,
long, and tails. Smiles no laughter though laughing. line
remained standing and politely turned her head.

The nature art of subways was to cram 50 people in the same place and
none of them look at each other.

whispers. Glances. Line turned. One of the girls was walking
over. The blue one.

"Are you Line?"


"Your poetry."

"It is."

"Come with us."


"We have some people who would like to hear you."

"I don't sing. I don't dance. I don't perform. So tear up your
tickets and save the trees next time."

The girl pulled out a gun.

"That's more like it," Line said and they walked.