my manic world
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2001-03-04 21:12:39 (UTC)

i am here, at her house. its..

i am here, at her house. its beautiful out, no clouds, sun
shining brightly, nice breeze. it beats the hell out out
of all the rain we just had. we went to the park with her
dog, dro today. it was pretty fun. i mostly relaxed,
reading, letting the sun beat down on me, warming me. i
think we should go back in a little while. i want to be
outside, since i don't get too much time to do anything out
doors, with school and work and all. i had this migrane
for like 3 days, but its finally gone thank goodness. it
was so hellish.
yesterday was a not so good day. i woke up in a great
mood. me and my mom and lil sis were going to go to barnes
and nobles, but right before we were leaving, i snapped,
for some unknown reason. i got super bitchy and rude, and
refused to go anywhere. my mom got all upset, and i said
some things to make her feel bad. it worked, but i felt
bad too. then i freaked out in the bathroom, mascara all
over my face, and hands and arms. i'm sure i looked like i
walked off the set of some horror show. i just sat there,
shaking, breathing deeply, almost suffocating. i almost
laid down on the bathroom floor and let myself pass out,
but i didn't. i somehow managed to pull myself together
and apoligize. then we went to barnes and nobles, and out
to eat. i had to go to work right after all that. it was
bad, everyone kept pissing me off, and i was super rude,
which made me feel bad again. i almost freaked out at
work, but, didn't thankfully. so, that was pretty much my
weekend. nothign too exciting. ciao