Lements of Madness and Depression
2001-10-08 16:11:31 (UTC)

lovely happy sunny day god i hate mondays

well its time once again to vent...
i think my friend hates me again. ummm i now more so than
ever want philicia and her boy friend is pissing her off so
maybe thiers a chance. i got to spend the night at her
house on saturday... i love sleaping in peoples closets
it was kinda weird tho she read to me her little diary
thing she use to vent and im happy now cause i know that
she likes me but unsure of herself if it is a good thing or
not. i have been really honest with her recently she knows
full well now that i like her im trying not to hide from
things. recently people are getting dumb and so ive been
really bitter recently i hate being like this but i cant
help it.i went to a dance with the person that i think is
mad at me. i like her but i think she doesnt like me any
more i think im more interested philicia now but i dont
know why.. i also like a girl named j but she likes billy
go so anoying when your "best friend" can get any
girl he wants and whines about it. sometimes i want to beat
the shit out of him but he is my friend so i dont know what
to do anymore. *sigh* life is dumb im trying to fix my
problems but its gonna take awhile i dont want to wait but
i will. im trying to be honest with people in hopes they
will be honest with me. i hope i can find an absolution in
this dumb life. i just want to be happy but all my attempts
just make me sad. i want a girlfriend i need the attachment
even if it wont last i miss havin someone that i know cares
about me that i can hold or be held be held in a
lovers embrace the only dreams i really have. so any ways i
should go before i start wrighting pointless depressing

Once again goodbye world you wernt very fun.