aris' thoughts
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2001-10-08 15:42:36 (UTC)


i decided to write to you in my time of sorrow. i am
hurting badly as i feel the emptiness in my heart. see,
Taylor my love, my best friend, my Mistress and the one i
love and need has released me from Her control, free to
roam life without Her. problem is i dont know how to. not
only dont know how to but dont want to. She has been my
life, my world, even my breath and i do not know how to
live without Her in my life. i have removed myself from the
program online known as vp but its so hard for i have many
friends there and i am not sure if i amm strong enough to
face my new life without them so i am writing to you in
hopes of helping me feel better. will check in later or
something maybe tomorrow have to get out of house today am
going crazy sitting here