Screaming Cathedrals
2001-10-08 15:28:33 (UTC)


Man.. I haven't been to sleep yet.. it's 11:24am and I
still haven't slept. I'm not tired.... and I'm sick.. so I
should be.. but.. I don't know.. heh.

Well... all of you out there in internet land knew it was
going to happen (now Raj and David can stop their
bickering) .... Jon and I made it official tonight. We're
dating. :D

I don't know what hit me that made me want to tell him I
was ready... but... you know how I always say that I just
wait for things to fall in my lap... and that's how I know
that they're right... well, that's how this happened.
I was just sitting there with him in IHOP... nothing
special going on other than the usual... and... *bam* I
just thought to myself... "You know, bitch... you should
really be dating him already."

So now I am. yay.
And... he's probably going to read this shortly after I
post it being that he reads my journal even though I didn't
say he could. :p
*waves to Jon and I.D.*

Yeah.. he stayed at I.D.'s place tonight... :)

Well that's my post for whatever. I'm
off to make some coffee (I know, I know... "Adele doesn't
drink coffee"....) but... what can I say... I'm in need of
some fucking caffine! Sleep is the devil! Kill the devil!

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