2001-03-04 20:08:21 (UTC)

crushing my soul. smashing my..

crushing my soul. smashing my thoughts. unwanted thoughts.
standing and delivering. i can't help to hate the signs.
hate no i don't hate but a strong feeling. my life is laid
out and what can i do to stop it. please o please help me
as i am stuck in a box. alone and not alone at all. my
smiles are forever. but my thoughts haunt me all seconds of
the day. why must i feel and think and be this way. o
please o please master of my illusion please! rework and
help me. why must i always mess everything up. o the love i
feel for peter is grand and getting larger daily as i die
daily and learn a new thing. as i kill the old me i scare
myself. who am i? why i am like this? what is my problem?
my fate is that of no one no one is who i am. woopdeedoo. i
do not matter but to myself and myself alone.