2001-10-08 14:26:09 (UTC)

Robert and I and the Phone

Dear Diary:
What can you do when cupid hits you on the ass with his arrows and you already in love.
Nothing. Cupid is the messenger of love and his arrows have already been shot.

He thinks of me, and I think of him. We are both
counting down the days when we will see each other
on Saturday.

Watch us fall into each others arm and cry.
We are both incredibly romantic people. He likes
the same music as Ido, the same food, and we
are so much alike. I have never met anyone like
him. We are nearly the same age. He is only
5 years younger than I. But we are looking for
the same things in life and out of life.

Just to be loved, to love, and to heal. We want
our hearts to be mended from all the past pain
and heart ache we have gone through.

Thanks Cupid!

Love, AmericanIrishRose