2001-10-08 14:16:44 (UTC)

Crack and such

2001/10/08 09:18 Friday night- Played on the computer at my
Grandparents. Called Mat and got disconnected. Called Gregg
and got nothing. Called Ringmaster120 and got a funny
Saturday- I spent the day with Kelly, my brother's
girlfriend. We went to her Mom's (she's crafty), Village
Thrift (2 sweaters for under 2 bucks) and a ghetto CHKD.
Picked up Tony and went to the mall, learned that Julie
works at Hot Topic. Discovered the guy, We thought was a
girl who looked like a guy dressed as a girl, but really
was a guy dressed as a girl, is Logan. Logan is Julie's
boyfriend. I was told that he is going to have a sex change
so that he can be a lesbian.
Sunday- Started with James telling me he was going to
have "company" that afternoon. "Company" is usually a girl.
I asked if he wanted me to disappear and he said ,"No, just
don't punch her". He was referring to Crack Whore. He gave
her the phone number and she called. I blocked the number.
I told James that if she comes into the house or calls I
would move out. He asked why, and I replied, "she lies, she
has stolen for me. I don't like her, I won't pretend to
like her. If she walks through that door I will be the
biggest cunt to her that she has ever seen. And she causes
un-necessary stress, that I do not need." So he got a hotel
room so he could screw her instead. Fine with me. Treat her
like the whore she is.
I spent the day painting kitchen doors for Kelly. Black.
She is doing a Halloween theme for the kitchen. Then we
went down to Ocean Mystique where a big sexy juggalo poked
another hole in my ear, to fix a saturn that another sexy
juggalo did an "oops" on. It looks good, and didn't hurt at
all this time.
Then we went to the Boathouse for the Napalm Death, only
the Napalm Death show had been cancelled. Pffft. To IHOP we
went, where we actually had good service and good food.
WTF? When that start?