.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-10-08 14:15:36 (UTC)

what the heck

so last night i was bitching about how my brothers friends
just Randomly popped in with no notice or anything, so
anyway, ben's to friends come in and watch tv for a while,
and my dad comes in MY room and stands behind me watching
me type and reading my IMs shortly after i shoved him over
to my bed with a newsweek. so then about 10pm last night i
get a call from my friends caitlyn and kara, so they are at
my moms house (and really freaked her out by knocking on
the door) so then they call me at my dads house and ask to
hang, sure i said, and they come over... Kara is drunk and
caitlyn has taken too many caffine pills so they are both a
little screwed up, how they drove, i dont know.. so they
chill a little and my dad wasnt there the entire time, so
that was good, but i felt like a big hypocrite bitchting at
my brother and his friends, when my do the same thing.
caitlyn dropped in saturday night at matt's too, it may
have pissed him off a little, but oh well, so we stood in
the cold sat. night well past 10 talking to them outside...
anyway in othernews, hmm, im drinking a reeeeaaaall good
cup of tea, i love the way i make tea, and a peice of cake
with melted butter on it, mmmmm mmmmm good, i had a dream
last night about yogurt and rice pudding, well not entirely
but thats pretty much all i remember, like one of my
frineds said once, Dreams are where there are No limits and
your mind has a chance to freak out, So why are they so
dumb and pointless sometimes, they should ALL be awesome
sexual adventures. but their not, you know what ive found?
its easier to orgasm in a dream, i think its because its
all your mind, you have no distractions and NO ihibitions,
who knows what youre thinking about when you orgasm in your
sleep, it could be your sister! but maybe not i dont know.

off school today, so im just chillin, its a little before
10 am, i like these extra days off, i think were heading to
west chester, caitlyn julia and i or another probable guess
would be with jarred and will somewhere, though i forget if
they were going to the renaisance fair sunday or today (how
geaky is that thouhg) they should bag that skit and come
and drive me to the movies or somthin fun like that, ah
well anyway, west chester would be cool, though i have NO
money to blow on vinyl... even if it IS The Get Up Kids
Somthing to write hoem about, well maybe that, anyway

i just told jason the whole caity saga, and he said
quote "caity is very bad" haha, whatever

im gonna go get some stuff done this morning, its 10.13

hey thanks thanks for that summer
its cold where your goin
i hope that your heart's always warm
i gave you the best that i had
you passed on the letters and passed on the best that i had
so long sweeet summer
i feel into you
now your gracefully falling away