My Life
2001-10-08 12:44:03 (UTC)

My First Entry

hi, my name is kelli, but all my friends call me Kelz. I'm
14 and i live in England. I live with my grandparents (i'l
explain why later!). I have an older brother called Darren,
hes 17 and i have a younger step-brother called Kye, he's
8. I also have 2 step-sisters called Bethany, shes 4 and
Charlotte, shes 10. I don't ever see Charlotte or Kye as
they live with my mum and me and my mum HATE each other
(i'l explain that later as well!!). I see Bethany on
Saturdays when my dad comes to visit me and Darren (we both
live with our Grandparents!)

I bet your thinking wow she must of had an interesting
life! Well yeah, i guess i have but i haven't enjoyed it!
if im 14 and already hating the world what's it gonna be
like later in life!!

So what is wrong your asking???well....
1)Nobody knows the real me, because i can't trust anyone
enough to tell them how i really feel and what im really
2)My mum hates me and doesn't let see Charlotte and Kye!
3)I can't keep a diary, well at home anyway coz i NO people
go through my room and look for it!when they find it they
read it, i mean they invade MY PRIVACY!!!
4)My so-called best friend, has recently told everyone any
thing i have ever told her!!
5)I was raped by someone i really trusted (more on that

So as i said LIFE SUCKS!!!!!