freeze time to blossom eternally through
2001-10-08 11:26:09 (UTC)

bug bites

i just got back from the hospital. i had to take lisa bc
she got bit by a spider in her sleep and then when she
looked at it again tonight half her arm was red and the
bite was oozing some nasty crap. where it was red was
super swollen and hot to the touch. so we called some
people and talked to my parents and decided to take her to
the hospital. now lisa doesnt have insurance...of course.
so we have to go through all this shit and finally we see a
doctor for about a minute. im not exaggerating to make
this seem interesting. he was in the room for maybe a full
minute. he said he would prescribe something and to get
some benadryl. but the nurse came in after he left and
told us what to look out for in the next 24 hours. she was
cool and a lot more freakin helpful than the damn doctor.

i woke up today and felt sick. i wanted to call into work
but it was 245 when i woke up and you have to call in at
least 2 hours before hand. i had to work at 4. i need to
get to bed earlier. geez. i mean cmon....245 in the
afternoon? thats ridiculous. so i went to work and was so
relieved to see i wasnt closing. oh but then this fat
chick came in and said that i was closing bc she never
closes and blah blah blah. and just like that, i was the
one closing. it was amazing. work was just fucking hell.
i mean i worked with the most annoying people possible.
but it was cool bc even though a million things were thrown
at us, we still got through it and pretty smoothly as

so like the past few days ive been fighting with joan about
so many stupid things. ive realized i have a smoking
problem. hung out with chad and this really cool girl at
my work named brandy. shes so cool. i love hanging out
with her. shes just everything i wish i could be almost.
she has no respect for authority unless they earn it. and
she doesnt care what people think at all. i mean its so
cool. shes so cool. that was the night of my moms
birthday. i got her this frame with a picture of me and
her in it. the frame was too big for the picture though so
my gift looked like crap. :( the day before that i made a
midnight walmart run with lisa, chad and one of our other
friends. we were all pretty stoned and nicky was so fuckin
drunk on top of that. so it was an interesting trip to say
the least.

ok i wrote all that last night and it ended rather awkwardly. so i
dunno. im all confused in what i want. i like chad and hes here and
hes fun and hes a guy and hes pretty much what i want. then theres
jerome who i just cant have. then theres joan. argh. i know i have
made it seem like we are always fighting but when we arent in a
stupid argument she is telling me how wonderful i am. she notices
things about me that no one ever has noticed. 'you make me feel like
a rockstar' in the words of a cool band called gameface. she really
does. i feel like the coolest person on earth when she compliments
me. it must be bc shes a writer. she wants to be a director. and
she has this amazing ability to word things perfectly. ah well. and
now theres mary. weve talked for a little bit everyday and she just
sent me this email about how glad she is that we are friends again
and that she misses me so much. lisa is calling me a player. lol.
im not. or maybe i am. i dont know. i dont want mary back but i do
want to be friends i guess. so of course joan is mad at that. oh
well. i feel like i cant make anyone happy anymore....

so now its monday....420 to be exact. woohoo. too bad my dads home
or else id be smokin right now. i was supposed to go to margarets
classroom but i was up so late with lisas spider bite that i didnt
make it. i feel bad bc i didnt even call. hopefully she will
understand. well lisa is meeting mary tonight. i dont know how
thats gonna go. they are like exact opposites. i guess we will
see....i need to take a shower now. i called in sick to work bc i
feel like shit. i also downloaded my boys new video. blink 182s
first date. fuck, that shit was funny. i cant help but be in love
with them. i cant wait til their new video comes out....stay
together for the kids. its gonna be great too. ok im off to get