Take 14
2001-10-08 10:37:37 (UTC)


"In the arms of the angel's
Fly away from here.
From this dark old hotel room,
and the emptiness that you feel
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
Your In the arms of the angels
May you find
Some comfort here."
-Sarah McLaughlan

This song always makes me think of Liam. A friend I had and
I havent spoken to in over a month. It reminds me of how
scared it makes me not knowing. Thats the scariest thing in
the world isnt it?Not knowing. Scariest of all.

I guess I should introduce myself.Im CM.Its not my name, but this
stuff is kinda private!Ive got brown hair and blue eyes and weigh 7
stone and am 5'5".
I have 3 cats, one grey, one brown and white, and one black.
I have 2 sister called Jonine and Dana, theyre 25 or so.
My mum and Dad are ok, in fact they re pretty popular with my friends.

So wot the hell is so wrong with my life?

1. My parents dont really no jack about me.
2. I cant keep a diary at home, cuz last time I did I NO my mum red
and wouldnt fess up.That diary was private, HOW CUD SHE DO THAT TO ME?
3. Every time I fall in love its with the wrong people.
4. The person who SUPPOSED toi be my best frend duz nothing but
insult and have a go at me.
5. I have no one to talk 2.Wen ive had a bad day, who do I tell? More
importantly, who gives a shit? My cats??!!Yeah rite.
6. My so called other frend, lets call her J, acts like a child.
Pulls my hair, spits in my drink,childish.
7. Those other frends Im supposed to have? THEY DO NOT GIVE A TOSS
ABOUT ME! No I could rot in hell for all they care.
8. I get so much home work ITS TAKING OVER MY LIFE.
9. 2 of my "frends" are puting it about.What that got to do wiv me?U
can bet ur ass they dont feel how I do.
10. Since I hit my teens, ive bin thinkin of all the different ways I
can commit suicide.
11. All my stories concern murder and depression.
12. Frends. Those are the people who are supposed to understand you
aand stick by you no matter what?HAH!Thats a laugh.I had a BBQ a few
months ago and I asked al my so called frends. I invited 17 of them,
and sum family.
How many showed up?
5 ppl and gate crasher. Sorry KS but he did! I no it was prob kb that
did it but still.
Yet If they want to do something, Im always ther and wen im not THEY
hav a go at ME!
They shud take a look at themselves.
13. Most of the ppl at my skool i would luv 2 torchure and kill.Make
sure they die horribly, or hurt some one close so it hurts them!

Well those are just the ones that cum in2 my mind now.

Im a lovely girl, arent I?

So happy in life!