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2001-10-08 10:23:17 (UTC)

Karmic Slaughter for the Lambs

Wake up America!!!

There is something about this whole thing that started
on 9-11 that has not added up. It began days before with a
disturbing dream I had, which wakes me up again early in
the morning. Since I am an American, and still have freedom
of speech, I am going to do some 'free thinking for a
Let's start with President W. Bush, son of President
G. Bush. A relatively new president, republican, from
Texas, who by all accounts has been criticized for coming
up short on the International relations side. His
presidency for the most part has centered on grappling with
the moral/ethical issues of stem cell research,a divided
house and senate, a faltering economy, rising unemployment
and passing out IRS refund checks.
Then suddenly, out of the blue, not one, not two, but
three commercial airline jets crash into the the Twin
Towers and the Pentagon, and a fourth requests permission
to change course, then mysteriously crashes into a field in
The Air Traffic Controlers in New York saw the flight
path of the planes. What, the US military was having coffee?
The White House was evacuated immediately shortly before
the 3rd plane 'steered' into the Pentagon.
By the evening, the President W. Bush is giving a
rallying speech to the nation regarding the shock & horror
of the days events. Airports for the first time in history
are shut down...
BULLSHIT!!! It is my assumption now, that our
government was aware of an imminent terrorist attack upon
our nation. Americans have lived in a do u
wake the babies? Our government did not want to frighten
us or cause panic. Our government even perhaps thought it
could diffuse such an attack. But something went wrong.
Think of the consequences if the US military had shot
down those planes full of civilian passengers? How could
they explain that? Osama bin Laden knew. The United
State's only choice was to let the planes achieve their
targets. Sacrificing 3 buildings, thousands of lives and
ushering in a long, seemingly necessary war. The American
people would not buy the governments feeble efforts of
another cover up such as the one that happened a few years
ago at JFK, when I believe it was a TWA flight
that 'mysteriously' fell out of the sky. Forgot about that
one huh? From our governments point of view, this was the
last resort to waking up the babies.
Of course, the War is against terrorism, not oil in
the Saudi fields right? The US military could not shoot
down its own civilian planes in the eyes of America, even
if it involved terrorism for our leaders have steadfastly
pointed fingers at China for human rights violations and
Russia and its Chechnyan war, and Americans wern't ready to
believe they were so vulnerable.
In 4 weeks, our President has put together a WORLD
coallition to fight TERRORISM. In 4 weeks, the leading
countries of the world fall rank & file into America's
bidding, when the global beuracracy normally takes years to
gobble up the red tape? I'm talking about environmental
issues, not war. Even France who loathes American
dimplomacy, etc is joining the foray. Under the auspice of
the American patriotism, are we to believe we can actually
end terrorism without catastrophic consequences. It has
been going on for a long time now. 10 YEARS the russians
fought in afghanistan, eventually leaving humiliated.
Under what circumstances could the American public be
pursuaded to engage in a war against terrorism? Is this
really about terrorism or something much more sinister?
I think those IRS refund checks went out for other
reasons. I believe those people who say they saw that
plane in Pennsylvania with a flash of light on it in midair-
even though I would like to believe some passengers were
courageous enough to overtake the highjackers when noone on
the other 3 planes were able to do this. I do think it is
unusual that our Texas President was able to put together a
world coalition in such a brief amount of time, even though
terrorist attacks have been occurring frequently. I find it
odd that the FBI was holding one of the terrorist already
in prison for asking such stupid questions about how to
steer a plane and not land & take off when he applied for
flight school. And isn't it odd that there was a huge
picnic on the White House Lawn planned for the evening of 9-
11 for Congress & Presidential staff, so that everyone
would BE in Washington, and not STUCK on a plane somewhere
AWAY from the capitol? Especially when the president would
need the cooperation of a complete congress...
Our government and how this entire event unfolds is
left with 2 options. Either admit they knew what was about
to happen, to whatever extent, or admit they 'did'nt know a
us to get us into a war we don't need & can't win!!! You
mean to tell me with the worlds best technology, CIA, FBI,
etc, that our government doesnt have some idea as to what
is going on in our world as we work our asses off to scrape
by day by day? Are you really happy with that measley $300
refund check now? W is hoping you are, and you damn well
should'nt spend it if you know what I mean. Remember the
spirit of giving begins at home, for as I speak we are
dropping $350 million dollars worth of food and medicine
into Afghan refugee camps.
Let's face it, the rest of the world doesn't have much
of a choice and if we-the American People- don't go along
with this war against the terrorists, they certainly will
not either. We are the World Leading Economy-if we go down,
everyone else lands in a resounding thud. Rallying the
American people was necessary to start the War Machine,
which we may as well call The Third World War. But don't
panic yet.
What if this really isn't just about terrorism? What
if some of these terrorist countries do have NUCLEAR
weapons. Why is President Putin of Russia so eager to
assist us now? Why is Tony Blair Warhawking? I think our
government knows, and has known the answers. But to keep
from panicking the lambs, they have kept silent. In so
doing, they have taken away our fundamental right as
Americans-FREEDOM. The freedom to do anything otherwise
than to become embroiled in a war, was taken away from us
when the US Government let those planes crash into the Twin
Towers and the Pentagon.
While I do not believe or support any type of
fundamentalist radical religions, I do not
believe that now is the time to give up my fundamental
rights guaranteed by the constitution, for any reason. Not
one inch, especially regarding search and seizure , freedom
of speech, or freedom of travel. The list will go on and on
as our government tightens its grip into our every day
lives under the thin veil of now protecting us from
terrorism in the homeland. The laws we pass now involving
everything from the internet to cell phones will in the
future have direct ramifications involving freedom.
In fact, forget about stem cell research, cures for
cancer and HIV, giving our children a better world and
education, encouraging creative thought, discrimination
because of race, or sex, or sexual orientation, supporting
our arts, our hungry, our parents, and ourselves, because
we have been led into a WAR. These things all go on a safe back-
burner now because we wern't forming the right kinds of coalitions
6months ago and taking pissed off people more seriously, at least our
government wasn't. Yet our government didn't see
this coming? They didn't want to scare us?
More than likely, Osama bin Laden isn't freaking out
in his little cave somewhere, because he has a Nuclear
warhead pointed at us and/or some nasty bio/chemical
weapons aimed and ready to vaporize. He threatens us still
from his cave. Now he speaks to the world. He tells us what he
wants. His words stir the Arab/Palestinian movement. Our media has
not yet hinted at the disaster we have started by the first falling
bombs. We now, cannot kill Osama bin Laden and it remains to be
seen how much freedom we will give up in trying.
I write what I see and hear. I see my friends out of
jobs or job scared. I see mindless commercials on
television trying to get me to buy useless things I don't
need. I hear people telling me to spend money I don't have.
I see more prisons than schools. I see people killing each
other, either with guns or more subtly, and you know what I
mean. I see the look on people's faces when I stand in long
lines just to go to the bank or buy groceries. I see the
frustration in my employers faces, and apathy. I see people
respect each other less and less, and consequently
themselves. I see an angry man striking out in vengence. I
see governments not looking out for the good of their own
people following their own agenda, and NOT protecting interests which
have long since mattered in my world.
I'm afraid I might be killed or even worse, go to jail for
saying this, but I'm not finished yet, this is just a draft.

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