Censored For Your Pleasure
2001-10-08 10:02:21 (UTC)

Global Arse-Rapeidge

*waits for email*

Why does everyone care so much about the Afganistan war?
There are wars going on everyday and there have been for a
fucking long time. Suposidly the Aust government has secret
plans or soemthing shit. They're all bloody stupid. I was
going to refrain from saying anything about it but it's all
I'm fucking hearing about. Like in music today some girl
was talking about how her boyfriendwas saying something
about it and sccaring her. She was all worried and stuff.
Poor girl lol. Another thing this has brought to my
attention is that my father beleaves that I cannot think
for myself. I first noticed it when we had our lovely
conversation about my vce course selections *cough*. He
made a point of asking what subjects that Mark and Dylan
are doing. Then he started on about the only reason I want
to do media is peer pressure. Sure occationally I might do
something coz someone else suggests it but nothing that I
wouldn't want to do otherwise. If I did stuff coz everyone
else did it i'd b smoking and probably on drugs. Then in
the car today he was talking about the war and shit. He
accented the friends when asking "what do your friends
think about all this". Rather then just asking what I
thought about it. He's done it so many times before but I
never really noticed it until now. He really really doesn't
give me any credit to think at all. I HATE it. I can't do
anything about it though. I'm too small. I'm nothing anyway
so it doesn't really matter.