Writings On The Wall
2001-10-08 08:25:48 (UTC)

Another day has gone

Sorry that I haven't written in so long. I forget alot.
Grr. Today was chaotic. Fred got in a wreck, then Dad
sliced his knee open and had to go get stitches. This
family doesn't have much luck. ::does best Butthead laugh::
Loni hit on a str8 chick last night. ::does it again:: I
wish I were there to witness that. MmmMmmmM, peppermint
Schnapps!! I want peach Schnapps. Yeah baby. I will be 21
in 485 days. Yeah. That's gonna rule.

Is it normal to wanna throw one of your personalities down
an elevator shaft? The insomniolepsy has pretty much been
in the "olepsy" stage for the past 2 days You know what sux
ass? All these people have read my journal and no one IMs
me or e-mails me like I asked. Oh well. I know, I'll put a
guestbook on here. Yeah.

Justin came over and got me and we went to Wal-Mart as
always. I saw Rachel Mc there. I haven't seen her since HS.
She said "Oh I didn't recognize you!! How are you??" I
think that is polite for "Who the fuck are you?" because I
spoke maybe 3 words to her when we had class together. She
like got some award. I remember that. Some "Most Turned
Around Student" award or some shit like that. And we saw
Michelle Justiano there too. She was all up on her
cell phone the whole time. I blew her a kiss to tell her
bye and she was like "Muah, mami." she's sweet. I got some
Squeeze-Its like I used to drink when I was like 8 for old
time sake. I used to suck those down like there was no
tomorrow. They are really syrupy! Were they always like
that? I think they are better cold. I dunno. OH, and I got
some of those chocolate chip Pop-Tarts I've been wanting to
try! They are GOOD! It's like eating a cookie! I don't
think they'd be half as good toasted.

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