2001-10-08 07:14:15 (UTC)

The Long Moan of the Dial Tone

This weekend was spent upstate at New Paltz. Brett, Shoe
and I had been hoping to escape the dramas of Long Island
by going to visit Alyssa and Casey and Ron. Little did we
know that even more drama awaited us there. I tend to
forget how Alyssa gets when she drinks half a bottle of
tequila, considering she's 5'2" and ninety five pounds. I'm
surprised she can even fit that much liquid in her stomach.
Anyway, as much as I love her, she's a very manipulative
person when it comes to the opposite sex. Casey and Ron are
both bearing the brunt of her deceptions and she doesn't
know what the fuck she wants. While everyone else basically
remained in a drunken stupor for the past 72 hours, I have
been relatively sober, chasing after depressed Ron's and
Casey's, babysitting misbehaving Brett's, taking care of
sick Shoe's, and scolding obnoxious Alyssa's. It's been
stressful to say the least, and I was relieved to go home,
although when I got here I had a cranky, tired mother who'd
just driven home from Virginia. I guess she forgot that I'd
been on a long drive tonight as well, and I'm sure she
didn't have to deal with so many emotional people as I did
this weekend. Not to mention that my car isn't happy with
me at all. She's been acting up lately. I might not even
make it to the ten hours of class I have waiting to greet
me tomorrow morning. It's cold out tonight. I'm going to go
have a smoke, put on my flannel polar bear pajama pants and
go to bed. I can't wait.