2001-10-08 07:01:55 (UTC)


Well the begining of an day filled with unexpected
occuraces started off in a quite routine way, nothing out
of the ordinary. Thanksgiving morning, woke up, had
breakfast, brushed my teeth, got dressed. Totally routine.
About 2:00 pm I take my dog for a walk in the woods with a
friend of mine. It's beautiful in fall. Leaves everwhere
painting the forest floor as if it was their canvas.

Everything started after we finished having thanksgiving
dinner at a friends house. Me and Anne are sitting in her
room on the floor talking, doing our hair just chillin when
my cell rings. So I answer it and it's Ang, right about
then I'm thinking wait a minuit Ang is supposed to be
watching a movie with Andre right now. Well apparently
Andre wasn't home when Ang got there. Stood up? (seein alot
of that this weekend eh) So I invited her over to Annes

Now all three of us are chillin doin our thing and my cell
rings again. It's Andre. He is looking for Ang well after
we kind of beat around the bush awhile I tell him yeah Ang
is here. Well his thanksgiving dinner ran late and he was
soo sorry BLAH BLAH BLAH empty promises but naw guy sounded
genuine so it was all good . . he is a good guy ya know so
I wasn't gunnah get all worked up about it. I mean I can be
defensive when it comes to Ang.

So everything was all good with everyone and Ang and I were
listening as Andre was serenading us with his singing and
his piano skills. Well we had a beep so I pulled a good
evening you have reached the scott residence how may I
direct your call." It was Sarah for Mike so we told Andre
to call us later and we directed the call to Mike.

During the period while we were waiting for Andre to call
us back. (while his mom was on the phone) I talked to him
on ICQ. About how he liked Ang and how he diddn't like
Natalie and how he needed to tell her that. BUT (here we go
with the but again) He called back and just by coincidence
I happened to answer the phone! So I started talking to him
and unravelling in our conversation was a whole new story
of the him, Ang, and Natalie ordeal.

Turns out he lead Natalie on, but he does like her. Also he
liked Ang too but was leading her on as well. I mean not
like he was playing botch of them, just leading them on
till he made a decision on who was better. Well was he ever
screwed, I knew Ang was gunnah shit bricks and I mean she
had every right to. So I gave the phone to her and they
talked . . she used the dreaded "n" word on him! Every man
should fear the "n" word . . . when a chick calls you NICE
you know you got no game. Asshole was a very well
excersised word in that conversation as well . . .

Quite the revalation seeing as how Andre doesn't seem like
a guy who would do that at all! Me and Ang were just like

Well now that that is down, I have something to say about
Sean. Yeah Sean Mountain. I think I have somewhat "closure"
He was drunk tonight and so I asked him questions,
questions he would NEVER answer sober. So I asked him, did
he ever like me?

Sean Mountain (ICQ#23342542) Wrote:
yes! alot!

I asked him why we always fought then.

Sean Mountain (ICQ#---------) Wrote:
i thought we never faught!! seiorusly, i thought you and me
was like my best relationship! we like never faught until
the end when it got all messed

so i asked him about the stuff he said to Ang the night we
broke up and heres whut he had to say:

Sean Mountain (ICQ#---------) Wrote:
ang is a poo! she'd always argue with me about it and shit
i never got out what i wanted to say, i did like you, but
it was fading cuase i thought you like that r guy, and so i
just faded, ang always messed things up for me! i relaly
hated it

So I asked him what happened with us.

Sean Mountain (ICQ#23342542) Wrote:
k, things got messed, that's all i can say right now, i
feel like shit for what i did and said to you, i liked you
tons!!!! and i got jelous of everybody else, i'm sosrry.

Was this just alcohol talking or did he realy mean it?? Who
knows but he only had 7 drinks and he has a damn high
tollerance so I dont think he was even that drunk he just
wanted everything to be clear with me and him and this was
his way. I will never forget the night in the park walking
home from Kathleens house. Walk 10 steps, stop look at the
sky, just hold eachother and kiss . . . most romantic night
of my life.

I listened to a Matthew Bird story tonite haha actually a
couple of them. Hahaha it's so cute, they are just like Ang
stories haha. They should tell stories to eachother.

I used to like Matt so much, he is a reeealy awesum guy. I
kept an e-mail he sent me in gr 9 untill just like a few
weeks ago . . . but now I'm over that, I had to move on
sumtime. Now he is a friend, I mean sure I think of
him "that way" more than enought but I don't know it just
wont happen. Not because of either one of us independantly
but because of the situation in whole.


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