Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
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2001-10-08 06:51:50 (UTC)

My bf's something else!

I didnt see Tara today.She decided to go to the Carnival
because it's the last day.I guess she thinks she needs to
impress the people she lives closer to.We've been friends
since we lived together so she doesnt have to worry about me
bailing on her.Im not mad.I can respect the fact that she
needs friends that live near her.
My bf has been spending so much time with his geekey nerd
friends.Yesterday he told me he was out with Dan and Dave.As
long as he's with Dan I know he wont get into trouble.Ha!40
years old and still getting into trouble.This morning he
called me and said he was going out with Randy,and asked me
to call Tara.I called Tara and found out she couldnt come so
I went to sleep.My bf would call me if he had time.He called
and woke me up so I told him Tara couldnt come and Im going
to sleep.He called back later but hung up after 2 rings so I
dropped the phone and tried to get some sleep.
To add all hell,my sister brought the kids over not too
long after that call.They raided my cabinets for any chance
of edible food to be found.Then they turned the TV up extra
loud spreading cracker crumbs with every word they yelled.I
was so mad when I walked in my room and found every thing
from my musical pull toy to the vibrateing bassinett on all
at once from stephanie's grimey butt funked fingers.So I
shut everything down in my room and watched Wayners pick his
nose sitting on the floor.Where was he wipeing his boogers?I
dont want to know.
At 2:30a monday morning Im just wakeing up from all this
crap.I'll go back to bed at about 10a today and still deal
with the same days worth of crap half awake.
~~~What Im thinking about today~~~
Is my bf in some sort of old mans cult for computer people
like 'Bill's Gates to hell'?I wonder about him sometimes.The
last time I saw him was over a week ago.We arent as close as
we used to be.I wonder if I bother him like he bothers me.We
do have 21 years between our ages.Im 19 and he's 40.I love
him but I cant stand him.Is that what love is supposed to be
for me?I sure hope not.
One day Im going to call him to the house and say"You know
what?I cant stand you.Keep your ass in that townhouse out in
Crofton and stay away from the hospital when Austin's born."
I dont want to say that but Im scared.I dont know if Id ever
recover from seeing him hold Austin for the first time in
the hospital.My mother told me I could refuse to let him
come in the hospital at all while Im there.Is he a good roll
model for Austin or should I shut my bf out and find someone
I see a patern.My mom had my sister and got a devorce.My
sister had a boy and girl and got devorced.Atleast I didnt
get married yet.I never will.

lol,Im still SWF forever.I cant believe how protective I was.Now
austin and stephanie are buds.She walks him around the livingroom.She
still takes his toys and hogs em but now we're ok cause she passes
one of them to him and he's happy.He played with someone elses babies
one day when my mom was out with him.My mom said he shared and traded
toys and all.I was so proud,like I did my job right.I did:p.