Nick's Journal
2001-10-08 06:28:59 (UTC)

Best day # 2

This is the second one :
2. Drew and i have been friends since we've been 5 years
old. he's come with me to austria three times, an he's the
only one of my friends that my dad seriously loves like his
own son. well this takes place the day before i leave for
austria so (as i now think about it....eerily almost a year
before my other best day). emily and i eat at stuffy's for
lunch, i'm supposed to pick up drew once his public school
lets out and she'd get her b/f. the two of us sat at
stuffy's for lunch waiting for the school to end, and we
had the greatest time (or atleast i know i did). the two
of us are still ecstatic about the satan killling, mountain
dew drinking, kings dominion trip of the day before (it's a
long story i might explain in another journal). i'm
ecstatic because i make her laugh at almost anything i say,
and to me that means more than anything in the world. i
use my humor to communicate and if someone appreciates it,
well that means more than any form of verbal compliment. i
crack on anything i see, and eventually we get around to
making fun of Brad. now Brad is well.......let's just
leave it that he's a poor victim. i can't re-create what
we said, it's just a part of our twisted stories, but his
legacy of what he did with the stuffy's mayo will never go
away. 1 o'clock rolls aruond and we each go our seperate
way to pick up our respective parties. and this has got to
be the best day in my volvo. the lingering stench of the
carcass of the prince of darkness in the my trunk, the
laughter of emily and melissa still bouncing off the
windows and echoing throughout my ears as i think of how i
called the radio station..........
i fly into the parking lot and there's drew waiting in a
manner i can't describe. he and david are a lot a like i
suppose. it's an amazing sense of confidence. he was in
ninth grade but he owned the school. i picked him up and
we gave our usual greeting that we had since we first met.
aknowledgement and a knowing smile. at this time he was a
kleptomaniac. i needed a new football and we went to
richmond sports, and then it all started. at that time he
was really into fishing, as we walk down the aisle he shows
me all of the expensive reels and how he says he wants one,
and then he swipes one. if it hadn't been such an illegal
acitivity i might have congratulated him at how he did it.
it was lodged in the front of his pants. i remember
saying "drew, they're gonna fucking catch you, there's a
hugh bulge in your pants." and his reply "yeah so? it just
looks like i have big fucking nuts." he pats me on the
shoulder and tells me to follow him. and i couldn't
believe it.....he fucking walked out. as he examines the
reel in my car i fly down the streets at sub-sonic speeds i
can't help but laugh at it all. it was so amazing to me. next we drop by my
country club to get my golf clubs for the trip, and drew
swipes a $150 driver from a guys bag. he walks through the
pro-shop waving it around and we just pass right by the
pro. i coudn't help but burst out laughing. the
incredibly ironic thing was that the club pro threw drew
out because he was wearing jeans (jeans are not
allowed).......but not for the theft....nothing better than
a bloated man ushering a guy out wiht jeans and a $150
driver in his hand that he just "acquired". we go to play
it again sports to sell it but they won't "buy"
big surprise there...i remeber that i told emily i'd meet
her at blockbuster because we were going to watch the "dark
side of oz", i remember sitting in the parking lot as i
smoke a cigarette with drew and smoke a cigarrette. then
emily and i debate about the lyrics to fuel's
song "shimmer" as always she was right as she played the
song for me.....that song was just an anthem for the last 3
weeks that i live in america, so it has a lot of
sentimental value for me (especially cos i couldn't get the
lyrcis right :-)).as i go careening through the streets
again, i watch drew as he says "watch this" and with a
mischevious grin he hurls the driver out the window and
onto the road. i remember telling him that when we come by
here later it will no longer be there. we arrive at the
rendez-vous laughing and get ready for the movie time. we
help ourselves to the oreos in the house, and as drew's
pouring his milk he gives me another "watch this" he takes
a fork and pockets it. my reply was "drew, you can't
fucking steal from here!" to which "chill out dude i'm just
gonna use it as an oreo fork". a brilliant invention, i
guess you have to know drew and how odd it was seeing him
place an oreo meticulously on his fork and dunking it into
his milk while we sit on the ground and i continue to crack
up emily and her b/f. drew is the only guy i know always
kicks ass in fights, he just has that about him. i may
have a black belt but i'd never fuck with him, he'd destroy
me. he's the reason i'm never over-confident, because i
just picture myself having to fight him instead of who i'm
up against. he just served time for stealing cars.....i
remember my dad's reaction "god damn....well if he ever
needs a place to stay tell him he can always come here", it
means a lot coming from my dad.....i wouldn't have expected
him to say that, and i know that i can always count on him
if i do something stupid. he knows the real drew, the kid
that loves nature and that i explored creeks with, the guy
that sat on the floor and dunked his oreos in milk, not the
guy who decimated others in fights and stole cars.
the night ends with me bringing drew back and a huge
thunderstorm comes about. i take a prolonged farewell from
drew and his mom. as i return to emily's for a goodbye
there, i glance on the driver in sight. the
storm is really bad now so i pick up emily and take her to
her house, i remember driving like an idiot and her
laughing at my antics. then i remember my farewell with
her and that she cried, i don't know why but it meant a lot
to me, and i said goodbye to her too.
i come home and my mom is waiting for me it's 1 am and i'm
way late. she smiles and asks me how the day was. as i
say fine she leaves the room and i'm alone in my house. i
find my pink floyd cd and listen to it, as i lie in my
bed. the last thing i remember is "us and them", the sound
of my dog breathing and the rain lazily hitting my house,
as the room lights up ever so often with the lightning,
just as my mind does with its wonderous memories.