Nick's Journal
2001-10-08 05:56:47 (UTC)

One of my two best days

this is one of my two best days. Yes I can quantify my days
and I can hands down give these two the # 1s. they tie
because they are so different, one isn't better than they
other etc.
anyhow here's the first.
1. A beautiful day in Austria. My mother ruins it by
bellowing at me from below that i would be late for school
if i didn't get out of the shower. I'm in 11th grade. i
have one more day of regular school before the exams. i
came to love that international school after i hated it for
the first quarter. but now i had made the best friends i
could ever hope for, and i didn't want it to end.....that's
how odd things are...anyhow. i get into the car and i watch
the clouds fly by and their reflections bounce off my
window. the sun flies in and out of my eyes, and we glide
along the autobahn (which isn't an easy feat considering
normal traffic). my mom drops me off and i meet up with
the usual gang to go inside. first period is great as i
get my final "regular" grade and it's great. then i get
together wiht marcin and kshitij for our science project,
we finished it up and hands down we destroyed the
competition, i felt like the biggest nerd, but it was great
because we accomplished something. marcin and i sit around
talking politics while the rest of the guys feebly try to
impress the teachers with their projects. constantly i
glance out the window and marvel at the weather. next
period stefan and i are in business. the two of us laugh
and joke about the simpsons as dr. pope struggles to teach
some of the girls there the simple concept of elasticity of
demand. he knows we're not studying for the exam like we
should but he doesn't give a shit. when he comes over he
just shoots the shit with us and mutters to us how he can't
believe that his other students can't grasp the concept.
stefan and i laugh, and continue to joke.
next up is math, but david (my friend from canada and a
12th grader) drops by and asks us if we want to go get a
beer. of course we can't turn down this offer so we take
the tram to downtown vienna. there we sit in a pizzeria
and i get a buzz off of my first drink, granted it's a ,5
litre Goesser. we go and saunter through vienna in a
manner i can't explain. me in the middle, stefan and david
on either side, i just felt well.......invincible. this is
the day that i'm introduced to david's awesome cigarette
flicking trick. this kinda big guy comes up to him and
asks for a cigarette. david kindly says sure and flicks it
on the ground in front of him and walks off saying "there
you go you dumb shit" now if anyone else had done it it
would have been their ass, but it was so awesome that he
did it with so much confidence the guy just picked it up
and muttered an obscenity. it was great! we go on and i
guess i can't explain it in a journal....but the sky was so
beautiful, it was crimson and the sun just barely flickered
over the top tower of the st. stephansdom.....the chilly
wind that blows through the streets of vienna flies through
my bare calves and whistles through the streets. the three
of us continue to walk to the movies and i feel
untouchable, i make up our own theme music and all kinds of
corny stuff.
it was incredible, we had nothing to do. it should have
been the most boring day of my life. but the three of us
just talked and joke and had the time of our lives even
though we had no destination. and that's what i truly find
is different between the majority of the people i know in
america and those in austria. the ones in austria i can
hang out with with no plans.....just sit and talk, walk and
talk, smoke and talk, about anything, however inane. so
there the three of us were sitting in the theater, and
because you can't smoke there david makes a big deal out of
getting out, and falls all over everybody as he says "scuse
me pardon me" i guess it was funnier cos we were tipsy.
we end up at mcdonald's it's now 7 and my mom must be
pissed off. i skipped the rest of my last day to drink and
hang out. we sit in mcdonald's and crack some of the
meanest jokes ever. i couldn't even repeat them now, but
they were was wonderful :-). we sit in
mcdonald's and reminisce about the year and i guess that
was one of the few times i truly said what i felt. how
happy i was that i had made such good friends and all that
sappy shit, but they agreed and made jokes....and i guess
it just soudns boring now because you don't know the jokes
but as i sit here i just kinda chuckle deep down.
it's now late and i take my leave of them, and am about to
go back to my grandmother's apartment (as i usually do for
the weekend) as i encounter caroline......and well let's
just say that the rest of my night was covered like a jimmy
hat. don't ask me how it ended the way it did, because i'm
still trying to figure out how it all began.