2001-10-08 05:02:13 (UTC)

My pain is your pain......

I've said before that me wanting all the people I care
about to succeed would be my downfall, but I love to help
people....and I don't see how that is going to make me fall
right now. I guess this is a little dedication to J.
Liggins.....keep your head up sweetie....

I don't know why it sometimes seems that you get dealt
a bad hand of cards. I guess things work in mysterious
ways....or GOD works in mysterious ways. I've been through
the troublesome times too often since I've been in high
school. It's like so much builds up inside of you, and you
can't pinpoint the cause of what is making you feel down.
Sometimes, it's the opposite sex, grades, just school in
general, or something your heart should be in but it's not.
It's hard to explain why you get down. I wouldn't say it's
necessarily depression....more like confusion w/in your
head. But I will say this....after you go through something
like this, you have a different outlook on things. So in
some kind of awkward way...it's sorta like a blessing. In
order for you to realize truth, you must first see the lie.
Feel me? It takes hard times, like these, to get you to
open your eyes. It is a part of growing up. I personally
think it's GOD's way of letting you know that you have
something important to do in life. In this odd way, it is a
blessing...so take it as it comes. When you realize
something..whatever it may be...it will make you a better
person, so therefore, you will pass it on and make a
difference. I'm just happy that I could share this with
someone, who for a while was a stranger to me, but now we
are on the same page. I can just say for him that coming
from someone who has been in your shoes and sometimes finds
herself in those shoes over and over again, that GOD loves
you. And if he didn't think you could handle these things,
he wouldn't have you going through them. Just ride the
storm out sweetie....okay! As far as the drinking goes, it
stops the worrying for a minute...but it doesn't heal it.
Think about it.....*J*