Reality Bites
2001-10-08 05:01:20 (UTC)

Shopping with Brad from Bebe

Ok, so yesterday I went to Alyssa's and we just hung around
and flirted w/ the hotties that are re-modeling her house
and we went for a run 2 Sharpies to get some hair dye for
me and some gum and other random shit, and then went to
Phat Plum and got some Cd's-I got No Doubt and Linkin Park,
and then we walked back 2 her house and just watched Real
World NYC re-runs. When her mom came home she brought us to
Blockbuster and I saw my friend Joe who works there, he
graduated last year. He's pretty damn hot. He said he'd
call me later and gave me the SWEETEST hug!:). So then we
went back to her house and her parents left and we were
hanging out w/ her bro and his friends and when that got
old we went upstairs and blasted my new No Doubt Cd and
dyed my hair. It looks really good, its like a cool light
brown and it turned my blonde highlights strawberry blonde.
Then we watched Bounce and then I straightened my hair
while she talked to Tim (her bf) til like 2 then we finally
went to sleep. We had to go to church this morning:-(, but
we saw Drake and that was cool. Then Lyss and I went to
Nordy's and I got a shirt and then we went to Bebe and this
HOT HOT gay guy was working there and he was like our
personal shopping buddy! he was So cute! i loved him, so he
got our #'s and we're gonna hang out sometime...his names'
brad. Then I came home worked out and Im doin hw and
hopefully gonna finsish it b4 tomarrow so i can go out w/
Kel and Lyss and Jenn and B. Im out! xoxo

EM-T E L L H I M H E N E E D S T O K N O W!:):)