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2001-10-08 04:44:27 (UTC)

Long Distance realationships!

Well this is something that i have been in 2 times already.
This is my second long distance realationship, the first
one didn't work out because we went so long without talking
to eachother. And the second one well i think that it is
beging to be that way.
I live in South dakota and my boyfriend lives in Kentucky
well he is in Flordia right now on vacation and he is with
one of his friends and you know how it is when you get with
one of your friends and you froget that you have a
girlfriend/Boyfriend. Well i am thinking maybe that is what
he has done because i haven't heard from him but once since
he has been there and he has his computer with him. I have
wrote him an e-mail that was last night but i haven't got a
reply yet. I don't know maybe i am overeacting. I know that
i do that often I don't mean to but yeah i know that i Do!
Its just that when you love someone so much and you don't
want to let them go and you think that they are not
conribuatiting to the realationship as much as you are!
Well that is how i feel in a way. Well i am going to close
this entrie now sighing off!
Meg nichole