Sarah's Journal
2001-10-08 04:19:01 (UTC)


Ok, my hands are sticky cuz I jsut ate grandma's pie and I
didn't bother to wash my hands. Gonna go to sleep soon.
really I am. I must.
So, words . . . there are some things you can't explain in
feelings. I read Missy's journal entry on Adam and I felt
vocabularily inept. What she said meant so much. I felt
especially inept because they both mean a lot to me, but
not in ways I feel like I can explain very well. Let's
test myself and see what I'm capable and incapable of:

Missy: this is about our friendship.
~~riding in car with loud ghetto-ass music dancing like
retards and getting excited when people look at us like we
are insane
~~Camp Sue, Camp Sue, Camp Sue!
~~sleeping in the same bed
~~great hugs!!!
~~I love Missy's smile
~~We keep each other in check at the store
~~Pick on Sarah day
~~our affinity for Adam
~~our appreciation of sexy men
~~We lived together for 3 weeks and didn't kill each
other . . . wow . . .
I love Missy. I have decided that I can't live without her
and I would be heartbroken if I had to . . . I don't tell
you often enough how much I care, Missy . . . but . . .
it's cuz there aren't any words. That's where hugs come in.

Adam: all I can really say to explain how I fell is thank
you. For being you. For liking Ferris Bueller adn writing
about it on your webpage because I found you that way. for
spending phone card minutes on me. For listening to my
blabbering. For being an amazing friend to someone you've
never met. For making Missy so happy . . .

So, there you go. Oh, one more person I can't explain:
Mom. wow. Mom is amazing. wow. you should all meet her,
she is great.

Love you all! Good night!!