The Sexy Blonde
2001-10-08 03:49:59 (UTC)

Sunday 10-7-01

Well I am back. I went to The State Fair, in Texas, where I

I slept over at my boyfriends all weekend. I went to the
Fair this morning and we stayed their all day, it was
crazy. I didn't have to great of a time, he kept playing
with me telling me to "shut the fuck off" "shut up" "be
quiet" "I don't care" And he made me cry a lot, he didn't
want to go anywhere I wanted to go, just where he wanted to
go. I got tired, and I was cramping from my period,
headaches, and my sides hurt, My legs hurt, and he was
hurting my feelings and messin with me to much! Well I wanted to
spend the night at his house tonight and he take me home early so I
could get ready for school and stuff, then take me there. But I
called my mom to tell her I was gonna stay at his tonight, and she
told me to go home, because her boyfriend was going to be there. I
didn't want to go, but my boyfriend told me to get my stuff together.
I said I didn't want to go home. I didn't. I wanted to stay with him.

Well my gym teacher gave me 500 sentences, and every day I don't
turn them in I HAVE TO ADD ON another 500 sentences including the
weekend!! I now owe 2000 but if I do not turn them in tomorrow,
MONDAY, I get another 500. I am writing them now, actually, I am so
tired. Well I AM so sick of writing anything.

Well I best be going now. I need to go. I need to get off early
and write about 1500 more sentences!! Well got to go.