Electric monkey
2001-10-08 03:38:13 (UTC)

10-07-01 [lovely evening at the Campbell residence]

yep. so i got "worked up over nothing" as jessica would
say. the evening was nice. yummy food. yep. then we played
a game that id never played before.
fun fun.
i dont really know why i started writing a new entry, i
have nothing to say. well, i guess i just wanted to say
that i had a nice night, and the food was yummy, and it
wasnt scary like i thought it was going to be. so there. =)
well, i know i didnt write much of anything, but im going
to go now.
ive got over 50 entrys now, thats a lot. =P
i love my new long sweater thingy. its comfy.

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