Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-10-08 03:31:20 (UTC)


Well.. we had our Potluck dinner this morning after church.
It was nice. Woulda been nicer had any of my friends been
there.. but oh well. I still like food:)

Brad and Becky Poe came down for a visit this morning. I
love them. They're sweet people. Church had a good feeling
to it this morning. Even tho both Ashleys were gone, I
still had umm fun I guess u coudl say:) haha We just had
all kinds of visitors.. and I love it when we have
visitors. We've also been having people joining our
congregation like crazy lately. They're all comin over here
from Flatwoods. It's awesome tho.. I'm lovin it. My
congregatoin is great.. I don't see why anyone WOULDN'T
wanna be a member at Tenth and Vine. We luva each other..

So.. we bombed Afghanistan. Well.. it's about time. That's
all I have to say about that.

It's so weird, cause Cynthia.. is studying oversees right
now.. and she is in the mountains of Austria. Carla must be
going absolutely crazy. I know my mom would be if I were
oversees during a war. Shew.. I just hope she's ok. I
really hope she doesn't get stuck there... nah, God will
take care of her.. and everyone else from Lipscomb that is
with her.

Operation "Enduring Freedom" is underway. God, help us.