2001-10-08 03:17:31 (UTC)


OK well this is prolly gonna bore everyone to tears, so
just bear with me. This is MY diary.
Today was like any other day.....until I woke up. I felt
something run across me...turns out there is a squirrel in
my house....go figure. And I hafta be the dumbest person in
the world I swear to God. There are 2 doorways in my
kitchen, one on each end of the room, and my refrigerator
is right next to one of them. I took a sharp turn and ran
my face into the fridge! I mean, I have lived in this house
all my life....setup is the same as always...yet I am so
I am so proud of myself! I like musicals so much, and I
figured out a song from Tell Me on a Sunday on my guitar!
And my sister and I figured out the theme song from Phantom
of the Opera on my violin and her viola it sound sooooo
O and my cousin Brett is a mean wallerbe cuz he keeps
saying he will call me and he never does and it makes me
angry. But not angry enough to hate him I couldn't do that.
I guess I am done babbling for today so I am gonna go.