The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-10-08 03:12:55 (UTC)

la de fun fun

Ok...well i havent written inthis diary entry thing in
awhle and it sent me one of those "warnings" so i thought
why not?!..ok well no much has happened.."HAPPYONE DAY LATE
BIRTHDAY WILL!!" I had fun yesterday..oh well.not much has
happenede..I love are one-minute cuddles
Will!.Congragultions on making Homecoming Queen Mary!.I am
proud of you...ok umm...I like Clowns!!!...and going to
Spirt night looking like either a clown,stone and in a
trench coat is fun!.right Ashley?!..and Will!?..yah!.ok
well i am out of thingsto bye