Sloths Journal
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2001-10-08 03:12:02 (UTC)


I was away from the computer for like an hour and I leave
my phone number on my away message, and this bitch calls me
up and sounds all nice and shit. THEN... I send her my pic.
And she doesn't talk to me at all. She just gets off. I
hate that. I'd rather hear that I'm ugly. This shit pisses
me off.

Well, anyways, today went pretty well. I went to SS and
then breakfast with the fam at MickeyD's. I then had to
clean out the bed of the PimpTruck. But thats ok. Then me
and Beatty drove to Weis to hit up the Coinstar 'cause
we're poor like that. Then we got a pizza, which Chris
hooked me up with. It was pretty good too. We went to the
mall and I was going to a parking spot and these little
freshman girls that I've seen at school we're walking in
the parking lot. So, I floored it past them. I think one of
them shit herself. hehe. But when I got home all I did was
watch Hannibal and eat dinner. So I had lots of fun today.

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