2001-10-08 02:57:57 (UTC)


i guess im pretty bad at showing you my love.
i guess maybe you really dont have any reason to believe me.
but my word.
and what is that anyway.
you cant do anything with that.
write songs, poetry.
just a bunch of letters stuck together.
trying to make sense of thoughts in my head.
all the things that ive said.
and i guess im missing you now.
and i bet that youre not missing me.
i think its probably something youre used to.
and i think its something ill have to be.
you know.
i really did love you.
and i really did care.
its funny to think all this bullshit
just floating around in this air
has dragged you down to this level
into the street.
and youre not fighting anymore.
youre just too weak.
i knew i was a lot.
but i didnt think this was it.
i didnt think youd give up.
never thought youd just quit.
but you know.
ignorance and avoidance
im known for missing the obvious.
so i guess this is just
my time to say bye.
bye for all the drama in our pathetic little lives.
and maybe its just like our song.
the timing was wrong.
and when we made love
who did the crying?
but its alright baby.
and im sorry for your pain.
although im not to blame.
so the words were for you.
and i think im done now.
but yeah..
i think im still learning how
exactly im supposed to do that.