2001-10-08 02:55:32 (UTC)

And So It Begins...

I was happily listening to NPR this morning, as I do every
week-end, while working on my Bowtie Quilt, when there was a
sudden special report, with the announcer stating that
President Bush would be speaking to the American people
within one minute. And he did. And the news wasn't
really a suprise. It had been expected ever since September

I was glad to hear that we were not attacking Afghanistan
but were targeting Taliban military capabilites and
terrorist training grounds. We were also going to be
dropping food, medicine and supplies to the Afghanistan
people. Our war isn't against the people; it's against the
terrorists and that makes for a very strange war. I suspect
it will also be a long war.

I turned off the radio and have been watching CNN on and off
during the day. Reporters are still asking dumb questions
but at least, in this country, they have that right. When I
watched the national news later I noticed Dan Rather wasn't
wearing a flag pin. Maybe I should mail him one. Would he
wear it? Probably not.

I'm probably going to be doing a lot of quilting the next
few days. It helps a great deal to reduce stress.

God bless the men and women in the military and their families.