Chunky munk311

b's life story
2001-10-08 02:51:39 (UTC)


This is my first entry into my "journal" have fun venturing
into my boring life i have a wonderful girlfriend whom i
love very much named katie we've been together for a long
time like 9 months and i'm only 15 so that's a big deal to
me. Today we went to pizza hut and had some food then went
to our little place to park. Haha it's my elementry
school, so it's great to go back there it give me a entire
new outlook on elementry school. I play the bass and i
have a band that is sorta trying to get off the ground life
is good i couldnt ask for more right now everyone likes me,
well everyone that i would care to like me. Theres prolly
alot of people that hate me but that's ok as long as they
voice it openly. I hate it when people talk behind other
peoples back. Its not like i would do anything if someone
told me they hated me i'd just be like "everyone gotta have
someone that hates them" cause that's the truth isnt it?
i'm like the chubby kid that everyone thinks is funny. So
life kicks ass i'm friends with everyone and i can still be
an overweight kid haha. Most the fat kids get made fun of
i did in like 7th grade but i didnt care so they stopped
makin fun of me and someone found out i was funny and the
rest is history i'm not braggin or nothing just tellin what
it's like in my life. My friends and my girlfriend dont
get along real well, well some of them dont. I smoke to
much but i've recently given up marijuana at least as
excessivly as i did it. I kinda feel bad i was alot of
peoples bad influences. Like all the jocks didnt smoke
until after i started smokin. I think everyone thinks i'm
alot worse than i am i have alot of bad feelings over
things i've done in life. But i dont believe in regret.
If you have time on your hands to regret then you've got to
much time and you need to find something to do. That's how
i see it at least. I listen to alot of music. Music is
like my life. 311's my favorite band i listen to them all
the time i've seen one of their shows it blew me away.
Their so positive it makes me positive and happy to be
alive. My life is the greatest on earth. I hope all of you
enjoy this and keep on reading. If you do you'll get to see
my life develope which i guess would be cool. I think i'll
allways end with a quote so for today it shall be "I once
met a man who made nearly no mistakes, he would never bet
on a long shot and never bet on a break. He is
condicending and talks gossip galore but the dude was
deffinatly such a bore" love peace and chicken greese!