"My Wonderful Life"
2001-10-08 02:47:42 (UTC)

my boring day

Yep, My day was boring as usual. i did enjoy last night
though i talked to Tiffani and it was a pretty good convo
to. But i came to close to cryin twice. We started
talking about my Grandpa and i almost broke down and she
made me happy again so it wasnt that bad. I was Watching
the Green bay game and i fell alseep at half time so that
wasnt that bad i didnt miss anyof the game. BUt they lost
10-14 they are now 3-1 they were undefeated. Next week is
my birthday and my mom was saying we could go to the beach
and i was like no. i did not want to go to the beach so i
dont guess we are. I hope me tiffani, Sarah, and Matt do
something for my birthday. Matt was like i feel guilty
ever time i do something with sarag because i have never
done anything with chalya and i have with sarah and he
doesnt want to fall in love with sarah either. I dotn know
why he is like that though but who knows. i talked to matt
while he was at church and that was my exiciting part of
the day. maybe next weekend will go good. Tomorrow should
well I'm out.#3