if i am silent then i am not real
2001-10-08 02:39:13 (UTC)

is this any better?

i'm writing here to see if this is any better than
deardiary.com..and i'm not finding it to be. it's simpler,
i'll give it that.

"If I haven't told you lately, you're beautiful and you
shouldn't give yourself away so easily.". my cousin keeps
on saying that. even though it's probably true, what makes
her think i give myself away that easily? i'm not a 5 cent
whore, i cost 10 cents thankyou. hmph. (she means
emotionally not physically, even though for me the two go
hand in hand. what makes her think she understands me
anyways? hmph).

you know, it's like i have no boobs. they're there and all,
don't get me wrong, but they're like the size of a mango.
okay bad comparison. apples. small apples.

"you say, i only hear what i want to". i love that song.

so, school is bad. actually no, i'm going to retract that
statement b/c being home is worse. school is bad home is
bad..er. fall break would usually be a welcome end to a
long stretch of brain-numbing school but instead i'm
dreading it in big ways. the only thing i can look forward
to is talking to jackie. wait, that's the only thing i ever
look forward to.