2001-10-08 02:38:50 (UTC)

"I Remember"

I remember what I ate at school. It was sardines. Who could
forget that? Bernie Mac was talking about it on Kings Of
Comedy, and then I remembered.

Well, right now I'm on the phone with my friend Brittney.
I'm waiting on Robin to call me. We talk about everything.
He plays pliano, and he was talking about how he was
writing a song for me on the piano. I was thinking ot
myself, "This is a new pickup line!" But you know I didn't
say that. I just said, "Awww, how sweet." He's from
Hamburg, and he even suggested me going with him to visit
it. It's too cold to be trying to go to Germany, especially
for a California girl like me.

Yesterday, I went to my aunt's house. I asked Robin if he
wanted to go and he was like, "I can't. I'm so sorry. Are
you mad at me?" I was like, "No."

Well, America is bombing Afghanistan. My mom will probably
get called. I don't know where she'll go. They were going
to send my mom to Kuwait and Egypt next year. Not for war
or anything, just for business; well, she might not be able
to go.