the black lace box
2001-10-08 02:32:07 (UTC)


Tomorrow, I'm going to Joann HQ store in Hudson..yeaaaah,
baby! And you know what?!?! I'm gonna but TONS OF BLACK
PVC!! Har har har! Then I'm goona buy some shiny metal
stuff and HAMMER IT ALL OVER THE PVC!!!!! Then I will slip
into that, some tight, thigh highs, my shiny platforms, and
nicey nicey thong (I hate thongs, but -damn- I like this
one), some home-made devil horn thingies, and call myself
KOZI! Yep, you got it! Then I'm gonna boogie down in my
basement where no one can see me, and THEN.... I'm going
to stuff my face with peanut butter/chocolate swirl
fudge!! YES!!! FUDGE!!!!

*ahem* I can't wait until Ohayocon *wink wink*
*nudgenudge* Geeeeez...I'm just so excited about my
costume, because it'll be so shiny! ooooo; I love shiny
stuff! ^o^ I sound like a three year old! WOOOO! YEAH! I
didn't get much sleep night, no siree!


Bye bye now!!!! *smooch*