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2001-10-08 02:26:10 (UTC)

My best friend broke my heart

me and her have been best friends foreva when all of a
sudden she just decided she didn't want to be friends
anymore I cried for . but like yah it well be over soon but
I donno i was in a crappy mood. All the people at school
call me playette even though I'm not they just think I am
cuz I went out with three guys in two weeks,but that
doesn't make me a player does it? I was really scared the
other night me alicia and val were sleeping at alicias and
then oh my god I never freaked os bad it was 11:00 and her
dad was suppose to be home at 3:00 and so me and val were
on the phone upsatirs and alicia was on the one down stairs
and we were talking to niel so i heard this knowck at the
door and alicia told us to go answer it and we said no cuz
we were scared so she hung up the phone. So I started
chatting to niel as val moved toward the door. She then
halted dead in her tracks as a goggley voice said let me in
i jumped an d started screaming down the stairs to alicia
that there was a drunk native down stairs and all niel
heard was us screaming then him getting hung up on. It
turns out it was just alicias dad. it was very funny. me
and allen have been broken up for a week now and i
abbsolutely hate him me and adam went out for two days but
ti was not serious enough for me so we ended it its really
sad i guess well tata anyways.