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2001-10-08 02:19:15 (UTC)


Hey yall,
Im not in the best of moods rite now, there is this one
ugly chik that thinks she is so dern cute at my church &
she makes me mad!! Im not goin to act all rude though, cuz
thats not a good way to act. Who the fuck am i kiddin,
everyone that knows me, knows that i dont care wut people
think & if someone makes me mad, i react. Anyways, im
goinm to dance now so i dont get anymore angry. The song
below is the new Britney song, that isnt even out yet...but
i got it wohoo!! I think its a good song for how im feelin

'Say hello to the girl that I am' & 'You're gonna have
to see through my perspective/I'm gonna have to make
mistakes just to learn who I am/And I don't want to be so
damn protected.'

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