Rantings of a Crazed Mom
2001-10-08 02:15:15 (UTC)

Hey - better late than never

Wow - it's been months... I really suck at journal writing.
I can never remember to wander back here and write. I just
end up deleting my reminders.. Bad bad.

Where do I start? Hmm. Moira is in Kindergarten ::sniff
sniff:: She loves it. Her teacher is Mrs. Flynn and she
seems pretty nice. Older woman - I like that. Seems like
she has been teaching for a while. Olivia and I are having
a good time with each other... I think! I do dislike
getting up at 630am (BARF!) The only other nightmare is the
creepy 8 yr old up the street who constantly wants to play
with Moira. The poor damn kid - what a wack job. Her
parents suck - they smoke way too much around the kid. She
REEKS of smoke. Plus - she is a few fries short of a Happy
Meal. And - there is just something OFF about her. She
gives me a very bad feeling. Weird, huh? She is only 8 and
I feel completely discombobulated around her. Creepy Katie
has no clue about personal space.... Enough of her...

This War on Terror is unreal. I cannot fathom WHY those
people just HATE us so damn much. I cry all the time
whenever I see WTC photos.. hear patriotic music... I have
to commend GWB on a job well done! Go George!