What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-10-08 02:02:19 (UTC)

Antifreeze and Aeroplanes

Such a wonderful song. It's really great.

"Antifreeze and aeroplanes
Killing you and killing me
I'll tell you what
We could fly away
Spread your wings and shed the pain..."

Anyways, so we went to a movie tonight. I invited Jonathan,
but forgot to tell him what movie. He showed up 10 minutes
after we left to go into the movie. I feel so completely
awful. I mean, he's an amazing guy, and I kind of feel like
I stood him up or something. He keeps telling me not to
feel bad about it, that it was his fault he was late, but I
can't help it. I said "okay I guess he's not coming" but we
could have waited longer damnit. At least I could have
waited longer. *sighs*

So I'm having a party on Saturday so Jonathan can come. I
really want to meet the guy. If he's so great over ICQ
he's got to be twice as much in real life.

That is all.